I came up with the Cleat Cover after watching my children jump off our boat while placing their fingers very close to the exposed cleats. Not wanting to drill holes into my boat and then pay for expensive retractable cleats, I came up with my own invention of a Cleat Cover that I am now selling to the public.
° Small Cover fits 4 inches to 6 1/2 inches

° Large Cover fits 7 inches to 10 inches

° Cushions cleats to reduce injury

° Extremely soft and buoyant (it floats)

° Cover boat and dock cleats for increased protection

° Cleat Cover stays on cleat while boating

The "Small" Cleat Cover fits most boat cleats from 18 to 22 feet

The "Large" Cleat Cover fits most boat cleats from 22 to 35 feet

Solving Ideas into innovative solutions with a “Patent Pending” Cleat Cover
Made me nervous!
Solving an Idea
Overview of the Cleat Cover
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